St. Stephens theater students step up for Exodus Homes

By John Bailey, Hickory Daily Record

St Stephens Theater Students | John Bailey Photo

St. Stephens High senior Josh Killian knows there is a stigma against certain kinds of people, stereotypes some use to minimize the value of others.

“The people we’re helping this year, they’re addicts, been in prison. A lot of people would just think they’re a bunch of drug dealers, a bunch of homeless people, that they’re not going to try and get their life back on track,” Killian said. “We’re trying to raise awareness and show what they’ve gone through and how they’ve worked this hard to get their life back to where they want it to be.”

Killian is one of the students performing in this year’s Tractor Shed Theatre’s civic engagement event focused on supporting Exodus Homes in Hickory, called “Stones of hope: Stories of Recovery.”

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