2017 EDUCATION YEAR IN REVIEW: Conversion of Southwest and Longview schools OK’d

From Hickory Daily Record Reports

Education Year In Review | Robert Reed Photo

(HDR Editor’s Note: Each day through the end of 2017, the Hickory Daily Record will present some of the most influential stories of the year. To share your thoughts about these stories, email a letter to the editor at news@hickoryrecord.com.)

In February, the Hickory Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of the conversion plans for Southwest and Longview elementary schools, proposed by Superintendent Robbie Adell.

The reason for the change is to help improve reading scores. For Southwest, the state’s reading accountability grade for the previous school year was a D while Longview’s was a C.

“We cannot afford to keep moving kids from one grade level to the next without the proper reading skills,” Adell said. “We’re setting them up for failure.”

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